Ibis House

In a collaborative project with the Dean of Architecture at the University of Miami, The Ibis House became our first LEED - Certified project. Designed as the residence for the University’s President Donna Shalala; it needed to feel at once intimate and welcoming as hundreds of people are entertained there each week. Its mood therefore needed to be both commercial and livable not just for her but for the University and for future presidents as well. Its materials are derived, as much as possible, from local sources or made of recycled materials in order to minimize its carbon footprint. The use of grass cloth on the walls - a renewable resource - convey a tropical feel. The Dining Room chandelier and Kitchen backsplash are made of recycled aluminum cans. The palette moves from subtle and muted to daringly bright. The color scheme of green and silver came from the hues of the old oaks that sit on the land, yet elsewhere the colors are more vibrant to reflect both President Shalala's personality and the youth of the students.


Interiors by Phyllis Taylor

Architecture by DPZ Architecture & Town Planning

Built by Mamco

Photos by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn