Ocean Reef Coral House

When a family grows and grand-children come for long visits, a house that’s not quite 20 years old may need enlarging and updating and even revamping. That was the case for an Ohio couple who have an ocean front home at the Ocean reef Club in Key Largo. The renovation began when the owners decided to replace the swimming pool. The original pool and deck were four feet below the level of the main house with access from the terrace via a staircase. The client wanted the pool and patio to be on the same level as the living room so their eyes could skim from the living room to the pool to the Atlantic. Another wish was to create a separate dining room, so we designed a dining pavilion that juts off the living room and overlooks the pool and the ocean.


Architecture by William Taylor  

Interiors by Phyllis Taylor

Built by J.P. Stroude

Photos by Kim Sargent