Coco Plum Apartment

This luxury home, a spacious 5,500- square-foot penthouse-level apartment on the water, offered everything the owner desired in terms of location, size and view. Its spectacular three-sided vistas overlooking Biscayne bay, Key Biscayne, Coral Gables and the Miami skyline with ample terrace space, affords the kind of indoor-outdoor lifestyle that she envisioned. The homeowner, a former journalist who has traveled extensively, acquired a trove of objects and art from around the globe, including an array of African and Japanese pieces. The living room personifies simplicity and serenity, energized with bold tribal influences. A neutral palette calls focus to the view, with a rich, Chinese cinnabar featured as the accent hue. An Asian/African theme prevails in the nearby dining room, where an earth-toned area rug defines the seating grouping with the signature grid pattern repeated in the ceiling. In the master bedroom, three bamboo window panels framed in Sapelli wood open to reveal a wraparound view.


Interiors by Phyllis Taylor

Interior Architecture by William Taylor 

Built by Frank DeCarlo Construction